Emperium Dashboard

View reports and sales information via mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world.

Works on any device anywhere*

  • Number of customers served
  • Total Items sold
  • Total sales value
  • View revenue by day
  • Search results by date
  • and much more

*Requires an internet connect

Everything all-in-one

no. of customers


total items sold


total profit(%)


Above are just three examples of how the dashboard presents infomation and
Includes so many more results that can help you make profitable decisions.

Dashboards can show range date results.

01/01/2018 - 23/01/2018

This allows each person to see the level of detail that
they need in order to get their job done and meet their goals.


In the past, users will spend a lot of time in forming a conclusion
of various reports and now the Emperium Dashboard tool allows you to view the
general status report of any data at a glance.

Drill into Details

The dashboard is enhanced with the ability to get as
deep as the user requires by allowing to look at
exactly which products or services are successful.


No complicated and exhausting training is needed.
The dashboards are designed
intuitive for any user. The user interface allows
easy and fluid navigation to access all information


Emperium dashboard software are programmed to suit any mobile device.
The idea is to reach anywhere, to everyone, in a timely
manner with the most accurate information.

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