Multiple Stores

Run operations with Emperium, the leading POS solution for multi-stores

High performance software for high performers

With Emperium HO, you can manage your business from one single location.

Centralised system

With Emperium Head Office, you can manage your business from one single location.

Emperium Head Office is designed to meet the needs of the retailer or hospitality business with multiple stores/locations.

Comprehensive and rich in features and functionality with each product configured to the customer needs.

The solution is scalable to manage a larger business with multi-currency, tax locations and multi-language abilities for worldwide use.

Intelligent Software

Emperium has been designed to get the most out of tools from powerful partners.

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Integrate with SAP

SAP can enable a business to synchronise securely with the Emperium software to manage stores, accounting information, Exchange rates, secure transaction information, such as sales and refunds, product information, stock purchasing and more


Stock Auditing
Reconciliation of purchase orders against dispatch notes and goods received

Stock Purchasing
Transfers & Adjustments

Accounting Information
Exchange Rates
Transaction Information
Sales & Refunds

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