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Our software is perfect for your business and deployed by many big brands globally. Check out the full list of features that will increase revenue and help you manage optimally.

Feature List

Emperium POS Software is designed from our long history of industry experience.


Emperium POS Feature


I have more than one service and I wish to sell products


Easily sell services for certain garments, sizes and even sell products

I need to see my best and worse sellers


Monitor profit and loss. See sales for categories like beverages and food with stock levels.

I want to know who is operating the POS System


Loss Prevention, and minimal shrinkage methods as well as knowing who has access rights to certain functions on the POS Hardware with Emperium software enabled

I want to offer discounts to regulars to retain customers


You have the ability to calculate prices by customer type

I want to send text messages to my customers


We can provide a service to let your customer know when your shirt is ready.

Other Features

  • Manage Services
  • Add Promotions
  • Link with E-commerce
  • Multiple Locations
  • Swipe Cards
  • Loyalty + Discounts
  • Multi-Language + Currency
  • Split Tender / Service Charge
  • Smart Purchasing
  • Fast Transactions
  • Cloud-Based Options
  • More...

Key Benefits

  • Free for life Training
  • Free Installation
  • No need for internet
  • Supported by UK Support 7 days a week
  • The most cost effective solution whether you are small or large.
  • Free 30 Days Trial available
  • Compatible with almost hardware and easy to set up.

Partners & Resellers

Our software can also be resold internationally via our partner program.

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